we build Economy through sports we build Community through sports we build Exposure through sports we build Quality of Life through sports we build Active Lifestyles through sports we build Life Skills through sports


We attract visitors to our community who provide a boost to the local economy by spending money putting their feet up at our area hotels, indulging at our wonderful restaurants, and experiencing our world-renown attractions.


When a marquee event – like JUCO – takes place, our community rallies, a palpable buzz permeates the air, resulting in a unity among our community and sense of pride for the place we live and love.


Sport tourism helps put the name of our community on the map to a broader audience, and provides exposure for business recruitment, CMU recruitment, and repeat visitation.

Quality Of Life.

We are using sport to better the lives of our community through creating engagement opportunities, and perpetuating positive experiences for our friends, families and neighbors.

Active Lifestyles.

Because locals deserve to have fun too, we create experiences that drive tourism, but also serve as opportunities for our local community at any level of their health and wellness journey.

Life Skills.

At any level, sports foster character development, leadership, perseverance, handling failure, teamwork, time management, and many more skills translatable to personal, educational and professional development.


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